Bleeding Kansas : Contested Liberty in the Civil War Era
Civil War Kansas: Reaping the
The End of Indian Kansas
The Four Seasons of Kansas
Farming the Dust Bowl: A First-Hand Account from Kansas
John Brown to Bob Dole
Kansas Archaeology
Kansas and The West
Kansas: History of the Sunflower State Paperback
Kansas Geology
Rooted in Dust
Sod and Stubble
What Kansas Means to Me
The Shawnee Prophet
War To The Knife
The Pawnee Indians
Kansas Journey
Kansas Simply Beautiful
Plains Earthlodges
The Harvey Girls
Shawnee & Their Neighbors
Revolutionary Heart: The Life of Clarina Nichols
Pioneer Women / Voices from KS
Brown v Board of Education
Cottonwood Grove
Indians of Kansas
Fort Scott: Courage and Conflict on the Border
Fort Hays: Keeping Peace on the Plains
Fort Larned: Guardian of the Santa Fe Trail
Fort Wallace: Sentinel on the Smoky Hill Trail
Fort Dodge: Sentry of the Western Plains
Fort Riley: Citadel of the Frontier West Book
Fort Harker: Defending the Journey West
Fort Leavenworth: Gateway to the West
Annals of Kansas 1886-1925 v 1 & 2
Kansas/American flag pin 1 inch Double Flag
Kansas flag lapel pin 0.75 inch Flag
Lapel Pins - KS 0.75 inch Blue
Kansas State Seal pin 0.75 inch Gold
Flying Monkey Lapel Pin 1 inch
Toto Lapel Pin 1.25 inch
Yellow Brick Road Lapel Pin 1.25 inch
Red Shoes Pin 1 inch
State Seal Key Ring 1.5 inch Gold
Capitol Key Ring (Topeka, Kansas)
Jeweled Ruby Slippers Pin 1 inch Slippers Dbl
Wicked Witch of the West 2.75 inch Wicked Witch
The Emerald City 2.75 inch Emerald City
If I Only Had A... 2.75 inch 3 Characters
Oz Tornado Ornament 1.75 inch Tornado
There's No Place Like Home 3 inch Dorothy
Follow the Yellow Brick Road 2.75 inch Dorothy/Glin
Kansas Flag Ornament 2.75 inch Flag/Story
State Bird and Flower Wreath Ornamnet 2.5 inch Bird/Flower
KS 3 Sunflowers, Windmill Ornament 2.5 inch Sunflower
Kansas/Nebraska Territory Ornament 3 inch KS/NE Territ
KS Sunflower State Color Ornament w/ red barn 2.5 inch Sunflwr/Barn
Jeweled Oz Pin 1.25 inch OZ Rhineston
State Seal Glass 12 oz. (Whiskey)
Capitol Glass 11 oz.
The Civil War in Kansas Bisel
State Seal Square Black Plate
Capitol Square Black Plate
Kansas Territorial Reader
The Sable Arm: Black Troops in the Union Army, 1861-1865
KS Wheat - 2.5x2.5 Limestone Paperweight
KS Meadowlark - 2.5x2.5 Limestone Paperweight
Black Horse Stone
Red Barm Limestone Sm Red Barn/Sto
Kansas Farm Limestone Sm Kansas Farm
KS Horizontal Stone
KS Vertical Stone
Bison Paper Weight Rectangular Buffalo/KS
State Seal Paper Weight Rd Standup State Seal
Capitol Paper Weight Rd Standup Capitol Bldg
Territorial Seal Paper Weight Rd Standup Terr Seal
Sunflower Paper Weight Rectangular Snflwr/KS
Western Meadowlark Bird
Kansas History - Vol. 07, No. 1
Kansas History - Vol. 31, No. 2
Kansas History - Vol. 35, No. 3
Household - 1 year
Individual - 1 year
Household - 2 year
Individual - 2 year
Tragic Prelude Puzzle 500 pc Puzzle
Soul of Kansas
Twister Pendant
Boris Mini Buffalo
Coaster single Kansas Seal
Organization - 1 year
Organization - 2 year
Kansas Est. Mug
Kansas History - Vol. 35, No. 4
Interlibrary loan $15
Engineer's Hat
Capitol Dome Magnet
Willow Mini Bison
Bram Bison Puppet
It Happened in Kansas Poster
Map: Kansas Forts
Map: The Santa Fe Trail Poster
Plains Indian Campaigns
Skyburst #69 LE Print
Fire Mist #1 LE
Fusion #4
KATP Name Badge
KAA Student Membership for KATP
KAA Family Membership for KATP
KAA Individual Membership for KATP
Wild Sunflower Jelly 4.5 oz
Wheat Spoon Rest Dark Green
Popcorn on the Cob
Wichita 1930-2000
Wheat Soup Mug Blue
Kansas History - Vol. 36, No. 1
The Big Divide
Brownie Mix - Yellow Brick Road
Scone Mix - Ruby Red Slippers Cherry Almond
Beer Bread Mix - A Twister is Coming
Dip Mix - The Wicked Witch
Glass Orb Small Cool Transp
Silver-wrapped purple agate necklace and earring set
green/gold wire wrapped crystal necklace
green/gold wire wrap crystal earrings
8-shaped red agate earrings
Orange Dot Earrings
Paper Sunflower Necklace
Wild Sunflower Jelly 8 oz
Small Sunflower Pin
Small Daisy Pin
Banana Nut Muffin Mix 16 OZ
Pint Glass - State Seal
Wine Glass - State Seal
20" Lemon Drop Pendant and Sterling Silver Chain Sterling Silver
Winging It Rub
Student - 1 year
Student - 2 year
International - 1 year
International - 2 year
Photocopy by mail
Small Sunflower Barrette
Sand Hill Plum Jelly 4.5 oz
Wild Choke Cherry Jelly 4.5 oz
Kansas History - Vol. 36, No. 2
KS Double Sunflower Stone
State Capitol Building Stone
Single Sunflower Limestone
Windfarm - Limestone
Train Depot - Limestone Paperweight
KS Double Sunflower - 2.5x2.5 Limestone Paperweight
Single Sunflower - Painted Limestone
Buffalo - KMH - Limestone Paperweight
Winter Buffalo - Limestone Paperweight
Red Windmill - Limestone Paperweight
Citrus and Sage Soy Candle 4 oz
Gardenia Soy Candle 4 oz
Honeysuckle Jasmine Soy Candle 4 oz
Lavender Soy Candle 4 oz
Rain Water Soy Candle 4 oz
Sweet Pea Soy Candle 4 oz
Raku Drop Earrings
Carrie Nation Magnet 3 inch Carrie Natio
Turqouise and Coral Circle Raku Earrings
Sunflower tile trivet
Iris Wonky Vase
The Barnstormer and the Lady
Bleeding Kansas, Bleeding Missouri: The Long Civil War on Bo
Bitz and Pieces - Chooclate dipped Pretzels
African American Topeka
Fall Table Runner
Pet Tornado - Small
KS Spinner Key Ring
KS Tornado Playing Cards
Seasoning Salt
Beef Rub
Chicken Rub
Seafood Seasoning
Cinnamon & Spice
Czech Glass and Goldstone Brass
Birds Nest Necklace Gunmetal
Moonstone Marquise Earrings Sterling Silver
Peapod Necklace with two blue peas Copper
Kansas: In the Heart of Tornado Alley
Ollas- Small Wire Basket
Poster: Tragic Prelude 24" x 36" Re-Design
Nebraska and Kansas Territory map
b.e. loved 11 oz.
b.e. tranquil 11 oz.
b.e. blissful 11 oz.
b.e. serene 11 oz.
b.e. refreshed 11 oz.
Golden State Seal Cuff Links
Wheat Mug 10 oz Dark Green
Serving Tray - Wheat Tan
Stamped Dessert Plate
Felted Purse - Recycled Sweater
Crepe Satin Shibori Scarf - Purple and Green
Smoked Sea Salt
Wild Elderberry Jelly 8 oz.
Sand Hill Plum Jelly 1.75 oz
Wild Choke Cherry Jelly 1.75 oz
Glinda the Goodwitch Mini Figurine
Canvas Tote Bag - Capitol Dome
Sunflower Seeds
Ks. Seal Unbleached Flour
Kansas Coin
Wild Sunflower Jelly 1.75 oz.
Wild Blackberry Jam 1.75 oz
Wild Blackberry Jam 4.5 oz
Blueberry Jam 1.75 oz
Blueberry Jam 4.5 oz
Red Raspberry Jam 1.75 oz
Poster: Kansas Capitol Curry Murals
Poster: Mission
America and the Buffalo Poster
Poster: Great White Buffalo
Poster: Carrie Nation
Red Raspberry Jam 4 oz
Tomato Preserves 1.75 oz
Tomato Preserves 4 oz
Tomato Preserves 8 oz
Crab Apple Butter 1.75 oz
Crab Apple Butter 4.5 oz
Crab Apple Butter 8 oz
Crab Apple Jelly 1.75 oz
Crab Apple Jelly 4.5 oz
Crab Apple Jelly 8 oz
2013 Kansas Ornament Ornament
Ad Astra on the Dome Note Cards
Apple Harvest Soy Candle 4 oz
Pumpkin Pie Soy Candle - 4 oz
Very Vanilla Soy Candle 4 oz
Green Clover & Aloe Soap 4 oz
Rise & Fall of Indian Country, 1825-1855 Book
Kansas A to Z
Story of Kansas Coloring Book
CAP - Dome Tour Adult
Wild Elderberry Jelly 1.75 oz
Wild Elderberry Jelly 4.5 oz
CAP - Dome Tour Student
Cookie Mix - Just a Few Drops of Oil Chocolate Chip Cookie
Muffin Mix: Lost in the Poppy Fields Lemon Poppy Seed
Pancake Mix: The Blue Gingham Dress Blueberry Pancakes
Soup Mix: Friends n the Corn Fields Corn Chowder
Kansas History - Vol. 08, No. 2
Kansas History - Vol. 30, No. 4
Kansas History - Vol. 30, No. 3
Kansas History - Vol. 30, No. 1
Kansas History - Vol. 30, No. 2
Kansas Sunflower Mug Red
Poster: Material Pleasures
Capitol Copper Framed Photo
Capitol Copper and Silver Stud Earrings
Small Copper Pendant on Silver Chain Silver
Large Domed Pendant w/ Silver Chain Silver
Plain Rectangle Earrings
Plain Circle Pendant
Inventing the Middle West
Plain Rectangle Pendant
Plain Circle Earrings
Plain Skinny Rectangle Earrings
Kansas History - Vol. 27, No. 1-2
Capitol Copper Box
Glass Business Card Holders - Capitol Copper
Allegawaho Grandchildren
Big Catch
Boy & Boar
Capitol (Green Copper Dome)
Kansas State Capitol, 1956
Topeka Capital-Journal Delivery Boys
Comanche Warrior
Suffrage Delegates - 1916
Dome Construction - 1889
House Doors
House of Representatives
Illustrated Weekly
Kids on Horseback
Kindergarten Band
Potawatomi Women
Railroad Bridge
Sheldon Crusade
Oz Dorothy Mini Figurine
Oz Tin Man Mini figurine
Scarecrow Mini Figure
Cowardly Lion mini figure
Snake Tribe Boy
Black Sunday
Watermelon Twins
Wheat Harvest
West Wing Construction
Winter Fun
Greenleaf Fair
Harvey County Fair
Hickory Point, 1856
Inner Dome
Inner Dome Construction
Marshall County Fair
Ness County Fair
Kansas State Capitol
KS Windmill and Wheat Ornament 2.5 inch Ornament
Union Cotton Cap One size fits All
Blackberry Sage Soap 4 oz
Cold Water Soap 4 oz.
Energy Soap 4 oz.
Lavender Soap 4 oz.
Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Soap 4 oz.
Sandalwood Soap 4 oz.
Glass Orb Small Green 95
Our Train Lapel Pin
Our Biplane Lapel Pin
Capitol Lapel Pin
Sunflower Lapel Pin
Kansas Sunset Note Cards
John Steuart Curry Activity Book
William Allen White Activity Book
Kansas Cards
Satanta Activity Book
The Flint Hills
Carry Nation Activity Book
OZ/Twister Brick
Sunflower Pendant-sterling silver
Dwight Eisenhower Activity Book
Amelia Earhart Activity Book
Blueberry Muffin Mix 16 oz. Mix
Lemon Poppyseed Muffin Mix 16 oz. Mix
Pumpkin Muffin Mix
George Washington Carver Activity Book
Real People. Real Stories. Activity Book Box Set
Ad Astra Stamp Bracelet
BBQ Rub Batch 19
Kansas Lapel Pin
Dome Ring
KS Home Necklace
Kansas Wheat Necklace
Copper Cuff Bracelet
Kansas Tie Clip - unpolished
Lace Print Earrings
Kansas Heart Angled Earrings
Capitol Note Card Set
Twister Earrings
Leaf earrings
Pod earrings
Coasters Set of 4 Kansas Seal
Break Out My Flying Monkeys Mug Coffee Flying Monke
Read Kansas! Living in Kansas Today P-1 Grade K P-1
Read Kansas! Where is Kansas? P-2 Grade K P-2
Read Kansas! Kansas Symbols Bingo P-3 Grade K P-3
Read Kansas! Family Animals: Reading Histor P-4 Grade K P-4
Read Kansas! Kansas Crops: From Seeds P-5 Grade 1 P-5
Read Kansas! American Indian Homes in Kansas P-6 Grade 1 P-6
Read Kansas! Kansas Prairie Homes P-7 Grade 1 P-7
Read Kansas! Kansas Flag P-8 Grade 1 P-8
Read Kansas! Learning to Ask Questions P-9 Grade 1 P-9
Read Kansas! Kansans On the Move P-10 Grade 2 P-10
Read Kansas! My Daily Life in Kansas P-11 Grade 2 P-11
Read Kansas! Immigration: Marijana's Story P-12 Grade 2 P-12
Read Kansas! Kansas State Capitol P-13 Grade 2 P-13
Read Kansas! Games Children Play: Then and P-14 Grade 2 P-14
Read Kansas! I Live in Kansas! P-15 Grade 3 P-15
Read Kansas! Holidays in Kansas P-16 Grade 3 P-16
Read Kansas! Historic Places in Kansas P-17 Grade 3 P-17
Read Kansas! Understanding Clues from P-18 Grade 3 P-18
Read Kansas! Getting to Know Government I-1 Grade 4 I-1
Read Kansas! Kansas Land I-2 Grade 4 I-2
Read Kansas! Famous Kansans I-3 Grade 4 I-3
Read Kansas! Explorers in Kansas I-4 Grade 4 I-4
Read Kansas! Connection Kansas: Past and Pr I-5 Grade 4 I-5
Read Kansas! Trade and Migration on Overlan I-6 Grade 4 I-6
Read Kansas! Experiencing the Trails I-7 Grade 4 I-7
Read Kansas! Immigration to Kansas I-8 Grade 4 I-8
Read Kansas! Immigrant Contributions I-9 Grade 4 I-9
Read Kansas! Why is the State Called Kansas I -10 Grade 4 I-10
Read Kansas! Home on the Range I -11 Grade 4 I-11
Read Kansas! Piecing Together the Story of I-12 Grade 4 I-12
Read Kansas! Nomadic and Sedentary Tribes Grade 7 M-5
Read Kansas! Impact of Indian Removal Act Grade 7 M-8
Read Kansas! Frontier Forts Grade 7 M-9
Read Kansas! Popular Sovereignty Under the Grade 7 M-10
Read Kansas! Dispute Over Slavery in Kansas Grade 7 M-11
Read Kansas! All Eyes on Kansas Territory Grade 7 M-13
Read Kansas! Territorial Characters Grade 7 M-14
Kansas Cookie Cutters
Mild Senor Stan's Salsa
Medium Senor Stan's Salsa
Hot Senor Stan's Salsa
Tio Loco Senor Stan's Salsa
Capitol paperweight limestone 2.5 x 2.5 Ks. Capitol
KS w/Heart Sterling Silver
Ad Astra Cuff
#1 Cufflinks - Copper Bezel Set in Sterling Silver (smaller)
#2 Brooch Bezel Set Lapel Pin - Capitol Copper
#3 Necklace - Capitol Copper
#4 Bracelet - Capitol Copper
#5 Necklace - Capitol Copper
#6 Sketch Necklace - Capitol Copper
#7 Ring - Capitol Copper
Seeding Civil War KS Natl News
#8 Capitol Copper Silver Necklace
#10 Necklace - Capitol Copper
#11 Teardrop Shape with Copper Dome in Center
#12 Twirly Ring - Capitol Copper
#13 Twirly Ring - Capitol Copper
#14 Earrings - Capitol Copper
#15 Earrings - Capitol Copper 2 round shaped
#16 Earrings - Capitol Copper
#18 Earrings - Capitol Copper Stirrup Shape
#20 Rings - Capitol Copper
Square Knot Bracelet
Leather Bracelet Kit
Bead Bracelet
General History Fund - Area of Greatest Need
Historic Sites
Kansas Memory
Artifact Conservation
State Archives
New Museum Exhibits
Museum After Hours: A Night at Gatsby's
Flint Hills Notecards
Capitol Dome t-shirt Small Adult
Capitol Dome t-shirt Medium Adult
Capitol Dome t-shirt Large Adult
Capitol Dome t-shirt XL Adult
Capitol Dome t-shirt 2 XL
Capitol DomeTshirt XS
Capitol Dome t-shirt Small
Capitol Dome t-shirt Medium Youth
Capitol Dome t-shirt XL Youth
Capitol Dome t-shirt Large Youth
Leaf Pendant
Pod Pendant
Green Pod Sculpture
Sunflower Cut Out Necklace
Vinegar Bottle w/ 3 Copper Triangles
Kansas Symbols t-shirt A- Large Helconia
Vinegar Bottle w Copper Rectangle
Small Oil Bottle w/ 3 Copper Triangles
Kansas Symbols t-Shirt A - XLarge Helconia
Small Oil Bottle w/ 3 Copper cutout Circles
Small Oil Bottle w/ Copper Rectangle
Small Oil Bottle w/ 2 Copper Rectangles
Large Oil Bottle #1
Large Oil Bottle #2
Large Oil Bottle #3
Large Oil Bottle #4
Pioneer Naturalist
Small Square Dish
Triangle Dish #1
Triangle Dish #2
Triangle Dish #3
Triangle Dish #4
Glass Business Card Holder #1
Glass Business Card Holder #2
Glass Business Card Holder #3
Glass Business Card Holder #4
Sm Light Catcher #1
Sm Light Catcher #2
Mini Telly Desktop Clock #1
Ticking Eyebrow Desktop Clock #1
A Prairie Peter Pan
Raku-Jeweled Hair Sticks SC0013
Wheat Soup Mug #1
Rayon devoré scarf
Silver State Seal Cuff Links
Kansas History - Vol. 31, No. 3
Messengers of Wakinyan - Watercolor Print
Clay Cellar Small Drop Necklace
Round Raku Neckalce
Three Flowers Earrings
Raku swirl earrings M. 2" - 3" SC0013
Artist Handwoven Wire Earrings
Kansas Sunflower Pin and Earrings Pierced Pin/Earrings
Stuffed Green Box Turtle
Round Lace Print Earrings
Cuff Links - Kansas Shaped - unpolished
SM KS Heart Necklace Single Loop
SM KS Heart Necklace Double Loop
Kansas Lapel Pin - polished
Kansas Tie Clip - semi-polished
Kansas Tie Clip - polished
Cuff Links - Kansas Shaped - polished
Moonlight Soap 4 oz
Lilac Soy Candle 4 oz
Ocean Breeze Soy Candle 4 oz
Sun Shower Soy Candle 4 oz
Gems in the Attic for Non-Members (1 Item)
Gems in the Attic for Non-Members (2 Items)
Sunflower Day Pendant 1-sided
Day Sunflower Earrings 1-sided
Cowardly-Lion Waterglobe 45mm Oz
Bird Hand-Carved Ornaments
Mine Creek Mints
Hollenberg Mints
Our Biplane Mints
Our Tipi Mints
Triple Circle Hand-Carved Ornament
Gems in the Attic for KHF or TSCPL Members(1 Item)
Grinter Place Mints
Our Train Mints
Gems in the Attic for KHF or TSCPL Members (2 Items)
Constitution Hall Mints
Pawnee Indian Museum Mints
Capitol Dome Mints
Tragic Prelude Mints
Fort Hays Mints
Red Rocks Mints
Shawnee Mission Mints
John Brown
Read Kansas! Know Your Rights Grade 7 M-1
Read Kansas! Division of Power Grade 7 M-2
Read Kansas! Juvenile and Adult Criminal Jus Grade 7 M-3
Read Kansas! Local Government: Caring for Grade 7 M-4
Read Kansas! Indian Removal to the Great Grade 7 M-7
Read Kansas! Wyandotte Constitutional Co Grade 7 M-15
Read Kansas! Civil War Comes to Kansas: Quantrill Grade 7 M-16
George Washington Carver
Read Kansas! Civil War Comes to Kansas: Mine Creek Grade 7 M-17
Read Kansas! War for the Union and for Free Grade 7 M-18
Read Kansas! Depletion of the Buffalo Grade 7 M-19
Read Kansas! Cowboys, Cattle Drivers, and Ka Grade 7 M-20
Walter Chrysler
Amelia Earhart with Plane
Amelia Earhart
Dwight D. Eisenhower
James Naismith
William Allen White with car
Read Kansas! Tracing Immigration Patterns Grade 7 M-21
Read Kansas! Exoduster Movement Grade 7 M-22
Sand Hill Plum Jelly 8 oz
Read Kansas! Building Kansas Grade 7 M-23
Read Kansas! Mexican Migration to Kansas Grade 7 M-24
Honey Bear 12 oz
Read Kansas! Hmong Migration Grade 7 M-25
Read Kansas! Hardships on the Prairie Grade 7 M-26
Read Kansas! Kansas Votes for Women Grade 7 M-27
Read Kansas! Populism and Governor Lewelling Grade 7 M-28
Read Kansas! Progressive Movement in Kansas Grade 7 M-29
Read Kansas! Meet the Reformers Grade 7 M-30
Read Kansas! Was the Dust Bowl Good for Kans Grade 7 M-31
Read Kansas! Airplane Manufacturing in Kansas Grade 7 M-32
Read Kansas! Notable Kansans Grade 7 M-33
Read Kansas! A New Deal for Kansas Grade 7 M-34
Read Kansas! How World War II Changed Kansas Grade 7 M-35
Read Kansas! Separate and Unequal Grade 7 M-36
Read Kansas! Big Dam Foolishness Grade 7 M-37
Read Kansas! Gordon Parks: First Survival Grade 7 M-38
Read Kansas! Rural Depopulation Grade 7 M-39
Read Kansas! Who is John Brown Grade 7 M-40
Read Kansas! Great American Desert Grade 7 M-41
Read Kansas! Social Exploration Grade 7 M-42
Read Kansas! A Noble Bargain Grade 7 M-43
Read Kansas! A History of American Indian Ed Grade 11 H-4
Read Kansas! Work of William Clark, Superintendent Grade 11 H-5
Read Kansas! American Indian Policy: Assimil Grade 11 H-6
Read Kansas! Price of Exploring Kansas Grade 7 M-6
Read Kansas! Danger on the Underground Railr Grade 7 M-12
Meadowlark Cutout Necklace
Meadowlark on Silver
Sunflower on Silver
#23 Earrings - Capitol Copper
Slim Rectangle Stamped Earrings
Kansas History - Vol. 37, No. 1
Tie Tack Earrings
Indian Orphanages
Gold&Ice Shot Glass
Sm Copper Heart Necklace
Wheat Tumbler Dark Green
Taste of KS: Wyandotte Co. (Non-Member)
Horse Pull Toy
Kansas History - Vol. 31, No. 4
Museum After Hours: A Night on Madison Avenue
Maple Syrup 8 oz 8 oz
Kansas History - Vol. 37, No. 2
Shard Necklace on Silver Chain - Capitol Copper
Cottonwood Tree Cutout Necklace - Capitol Copper
Bison Cutout Necklace - Capitol Copper
Lace Print Disc Earrings
Wheat Disc Earrings
Sunflower Sun Catcher 3 inch
Inner Dome Magnet
Capitol Building Magnet
Annual Meeting (Member)
KS w/ Heart Long Chain Sterling Silver
Wildflowers & Grasses of Kansas: A Field Guide
Kansas courthouse note cards set one
Kansas courthouse note cards set two
Kansas courthouse note cards set three
Maple Syrup 16 oz 16 OZ
Meadolark Earrings
Large Art Pendant w/ Gemstone - Series 2
KS Landmark Ornament Color Brass/Paint
Kansas History - Vol. 37, No. 3
Maple Syrup 3.5 oz
Schoolhouse Chalkboard Set
Yarn Doll Kit
Bird with Cloud Necklace
Confetti Popcorn Kernels16 oz Bag
Shaman Blue Popcorn Kernals 16 oz.
Ruby Red Popcorn Kernels 16 oz.
Roadside Kansas 2nd Edition Buchanan/McC
Kansas Landscape Volume One
Bison Charm - Capitol Copper
Meadowlark Charm - Capitol Copper
KS w/ Text Charm - Capitol Copper
Kansas History - Vol. 37, No. 4
A Night with the Kings of Swing NonMembers
A Night with the Kings of Swing Foundation Members
CK-Mini Bison
#22 Capitol Copper Stud Earrings
Sunflower Business Card Holder
Country Favor - Wheat Weaving
Heart Favor - Wheat Weaving
Kansas Favor - Wheat Weaving
Kansas Heart - Wheat Weaving
Silver & Pearl Earrings
Copper & Pearl Earrings
Pearl Necklace - Silver
Pearl Necklace - Copper
Honey Bear 2 oz.
Pioneer Women
Kansas History - Vol. 38, No. 1
Kansas Trail Guide: The Best Hiking, Biking and Riding in th
Carrie Nation pin Pin
Capitol Dome Mug - Handmade
KS Buffalo- Tea Towel
KS Single Sunflower with Colored Lettering Tea Towel - G&G
KS at Sunset Black Letters - MC
Kansas Meadowlark Tea Towel - MC
KS 2 Sunflowers Tea Towel - G&G
Capitol Dome Ornament - Antique Copper (2015)
Kansas History - Vol. 32, No. 2
Emporia from Arcadia Press
Oz Brazz Bookmark
Santa w/ Bison Ornament
The Wichita Indians: People of the Grass House
Soldiers in the Army of Freedom
Tragic Prelude Mural Magnet Magnet
Kansas Bird/Flower Color 2.25 in Bird&Flower
Wheat Up & Down Tea Towel - G&G
Kansas History - Vol. 32, No. 4
Kansas History - Vol. 33, No. 1
Lotion 2 oz - Goat's Milk
Lotion 4 oz - Goat's Milk
Passport Capitol Book
Kansas Wheat - 2015 Ornament
4-Tone Pine Train Whistle
2-Tone Pine Train Whistle
Whistle Key Chain
KS Pitcher & Sunflower Tea Towel - G&G
#27 Capitol Copper Necklace
#28 Capitol Copper Bangle
The Sunflower State - Bird on post, Barn, Windmill, 2 Snflwr Round Brass
Kansas History - Vol. 38, No. 2
#29 Necklace - Capitol Copper
#31 Necklace - Capitol Copper Small Ring
Kansas History - Vol. 31, No. 1
Snowman Brooch - Glass
Sunflower Salt & Pepper Shakers
Copper Earrings with Acid Etching
Sun and Moon by Lindsey Yankey
Bluebird by Lindsey Yankey
Ruby Red Muslin Bag w/Scoop
Prairie Fire essay book
Kansas Mug 10 oz Brown
Almond Toffee 4 oz
Almond Toffee 8 oz
Kansas History - Vol. 29, No. 1
Kansas Cooking: Old Time Recipes (Member)
Kansas Cooking: Old Time Recipes (Non-Member)
Kansas Cooking: With Kids (Member)
Kansas Cooking: With Kids (Non-Member)
Sunflower & Bluebird Flour Sack Towel
Wildflower Flour Sack Towel
Rainboots w/ Flower Flour Sack Towel
Sunflower & Bluebird Mug Mat
Giant Sunflower w/ Stamps Mug Mat
Wildflower Mug Mat
Rainboots w/ Flowers Mug Mat
Wildflower Gift Tote
Sunflower & Bluebird Gift Tote
Giant Sunflower w/ Stamps Gift Tote
Rainboots w/ Flowers Gift Tote
Immortal Priarie Autographed
KS Emblem Ornament (2016)
Kansas History - Vol. 38, No. 3
KS Sunflower Ornament Round Brass
Carly Rae KS Floral Print Watercolor 11 x 14
#32 Sketch Earrings
#33 Tie Bars - Capitol Copper
#34 Bracelet - Capitol Copper
Kansas Spoon Rest White
Kansas History - Vol. 38, No. 4
Heart Earrings - Capitol Copper
Sunflower Sun Suncatcher with Wire
8 x 8 Sunflower Irid Plate
7x11 Irid Plate
Jacks w/ Cloth Bag
Porthole Studs - Capitol Copper
Copper Circle Lace Frame Earrings - Small - Capitol Copper
Copper Elipse Lace Frame Earrings - Large - Capitol Copper
Large Circle Triple Bell Earrings - Capitol Copper
Flint Hills Pendant - Capitol Copper
Farm Scene Pendant - Capitol Copper
#1 Porthole Pendant - Capitol Copper
#2 Porthole Pendant - Capitol Copper
#3 Porthole Pendant - Capitol Copper
Magnet - KS Script
Vintage Poppy Flower - Letterpressed Paper Coasters
Set of 6 - Seeded Letterpress Note Card - Vintage Poppy
Kansas Frame - Small
Kansas Frame - Small Blue
Light Catcher - Kansas Blue
Dough boy helmets
Individual - 1 year - Auto Renewing
Poppies Mug
Biplane Ornament 2016
Sunflower Note Cards
Made It To the Top Youth XSM Gray
Made It To The Top Youth SM Gray
Made It To The Top Youth MED Gray
Made It To The Top Youth LG Gray
Made It To The Top Youth XLG Gray
Made It To The Top Small Gray
Made It To The Top Medium Gray
Made It To The Top Large Gray
Made It To The Top X-Large Gray
Made It To The Top 2-X-Large Gray
Museum Technology Fund
The Darkest Period - paperback
Blue State Seal Shirt Small Blue
Blue State Seal Shirt Medium Blue
Blue State Seal Shirt Large Blue
Blue State Seal Shirt X-Large Blue
Blue State Seal Shirt 2-X-Large Blue
Wind Farm Pendant
Meadowlark #2 pendant
Lace Studs w/ Dangling Hoop Circle
Small Circle w/ Single Bell Earrings
Lace Studs w/ Dangling Eclipse Earrings
Kansas History - Vol. 39, No. 1
Vine- stoneware mug
Bee Mug
Blue stoneware mug w/ handles
Blue Stoneware Mug w/ wheat
Blue Stone ware mug w/ dimples
Jacobs Ladder
Kansas Wheat Stalk Mug Blue/Green
Santa Clause is Coming - Marijana
Kansas History - Vol. 39, No. 2
Plain copper earings : square, circle, rectangle
Wizard of Oz Arm Patch Oz
Black square bracelet
10-12 in spoon
12-14 in spoons
KS small board
Oak/Walnut Board
5x15 Board
Last Wild Places in Kansas
Taste of KS: Tragic Prelude Early Registration (Member)
Taste of KS: Tragic Prelude Early Registration (NonMember)
3 sunflowers ornnament
Salt n' Pepper Shakers
Christmas Ornament (Glass Balls)
Glass Blown Cups Sunflower
Kansas 150 pin Lapel Pin
Logo 150th Key Chain Key Chain
Logo 150th Magnet Magnet
Cactus & Sea Salt
Pumpkin Pie Spice
White Pumpkin & Lilac
Rosemary Mint
#36 Stamped Silver Hoops with Single Copper Ring
Annual Meeting (Non-Member)
Annual Meeting Guest Lunch
1-sided wine stopper
Ruby Slippers Ornament
Slippers w/ Socks
Tornado Ornament
Pig Ornament
Cow Ornament
Barn Ornament
Windmill Ornament
Train Ornament
Earmuff Snowman Pin
Kansas History - Vol. 39, No. 3
Webstore 4x4 half sunflower dish
Webstore 4x4 full sunflower dish
Webstore 4x4 color sunflower dish
Webstore clear 5x5 sunflower dish
Frontier Forts of Kansas DVD
Webstore color 5x5 sunflower dish
Webstore Irid. 6x6 plate
Webstore clear 6x6 sunflower dish
Kansas History - Vol. 33, No. 2
Spirit of the Flint Hills
Spatzies and Brass BBs
Kansas scenes #2 Notecards
8" Prairie Dog
Almost Winter Soap Bar
Candied Apple Soap Bar
Rustic Lavender Soap Bar
Sunflower Soap Shape
Touch Of Honey Soap Bar
The Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve Documentary DVD
#38 Double Circle Earrings
#37 - silver ringed circle earrings
Framed Sunflower postcard
Framed KS Calling You
Sunflower Magnet Poly
Home on the Range Youth 2
Home on the Range Youth 4
Home on the Range Youth 6
Home on the Range Youth 8
Home on the Range Youth 10
Home on the Range Youth 12
Home on the Range A- Small
Home on the Range A-Medium
Home on the Range A- Large
Home on the Range A- X Large
Home on the Range A- 2 XL
KS 3-Tone Frosted Shot Glass
KS Laser Cut Dual Level Wooden Key Ring
Bumblebee 5"
Kansas History - Vol. 39, No. 4
Kaliedoscope Twist Soap Bar
Sunny Citrus Soap Bar
Toasted Oatmeal Soap Bar
Antique Copper Sunflower Ornament (2017)
Route 66 in Kansas
A Kansas Soldier At War: The Civil War Letters of Christian
Frontier Kansas Jails
Notorious Kansas Bank Heists: Gunslingers to Gangsters
Midwest Gardener's Handbook
Greetings (Handmade Paper) Tan
Single Sunflower 8x10 White
Three Sunflowers (Handmade Paper) Tan
Meadowlark 1861
Wheat -Handmade Paper
John Brown Print
Amelia Print
Greetings (Standard Paper) Tan
American Serengeti: The Last Big Animals of the Great Plains Hardback
Cookies - Chocolate Chip
Muffins - Blueberry Streusel
Soap - Woodland Bloom
Soap - Choco Love
Soap - Java Jolt
1890 Bees Magnet
1890 Bees Mug
Angus Magnet
Golden Hour (Small, Natural Sides)
Grass (Medium, Natural Sides)
Grunge Bison (Small, Natural Sides)
Slow Rise Mug
KS 3" State Flag Shield Embroidered Patch, Carded
Kansas Playing Cards - Casino Quality
KS Tornado/Farm Water Ball - 65mm Pewter Poly Resin Water Ba
KS Electroplate Shot Glass, Cyan
Buffalo Cookie Cutter
Kansas Cookie Cutter
Sunflower Cookie Cutter
Train Cookie Cutter
Greetings Magnet
Buffalo - KS Stone
Limestone Paperweight KS Bison
Water Can Mug Mat
Water Can Towel
Geranium Towel
Geranium Mug Mat
Geranium Tote
#39 Earrings - Thin Rectangular with Stamped Bottom
#40 Stud Earrings - Silver Stamped Circles with Small Copper
#41 Geometric Necklaces - Capitol Copper
Small Circle Heart Stamped Necklace with bead
Large Heart Lapel Pin
Republican Lapel Pin
Democrat Lapel Pin
Star Necklace
Peace Hand Necklace
Circle Outline Earrings
KS Electroplate Shot Glass - Magenta
Kansas Long Petal Sunflower Mug Orange
Dapper Dude Soap Bar
Flamenco Fire Soap Bar
Spring Break Soap Bar
Kansas Symbols Mug
Kaw Camp t-shirt Youth XSM
Kaw Camp t-shirt Youth SM
Kaw Camp t-shirt Youth MED
Kaw Camp t-shirt Youth LG
Kaw Camp t-shirt Youth XLG
Kaw Camp t-shirt Sm Ladies
Kaw Camp t-shirt Med Ladies
Kaw Camp t-shirt Lg Ladies
Kaw Camp t-shirt XLG Ladies
Kaw Camp t-shirt 2X Ladies
Driving Across Kansas: A Guide to I-70
Kansas Baseball, 1858-1941
Doughboys On The Great War: How American Soldiers Viewed The
The Battle of Mine Creek : The Crushing End of the Missouri
Mystic Ocean Soap
Turkey Stone
Oz Stones
Bye, Son Print
Topeka 15 Historic Postcards
Hays The 1930s
The Kansas Guidebook 2 For Explorers
Kansas History - Vol. 40, No. 1
Ramblin' Rose Soap Bar
Haunted Kansas
Kansas History - Vol. 33, No. 3
Kansas 150th Ornament Ornament Color
Piggy Bank - Stevens Blue
Double-walled Cup - Auburn with cutouts
Topeka Wavy T-Shirt A - Small
Topeka Wavy T-Shirt A - Medium
Topeka Wavy T-Shirt A - Large
Topeka Wavy T-Shirt A - XLarge
Topeka Wavy T-Shirt A - 2 XL
Topeka Wavy T-Shirt Y - Small
Topeka Wavy T-Shirt Y - Medium
Topeka Wavy T-Shirt Y - Large
Topeka Wavy T-Shirt Y - XLarge
Topeka Sunflower T-Shirt A - Small
Topeka Sunflower T-Shirt A - Medium
Frontier Feminist Blackwell/Oe
Topeka Sunflower T-Shirt A - Large
Kansas 150th ornament framed Framed Ornament
Topeka Sunflower T-Shirt A - XLarge
Topeka Sunflower T-Shirt A - 2 XL
Topeka Heritage T-Shirt A - Small
Topeka Heritage T-Shirt A - Medium
Topeka Heritage T-Shirt A - Large
Topeka Heritage T-Shirt A - XLarge
Topeka Heritage T-Shirt A - 2 XL
Topeka Heritage T-Shirt Y - Small
Topeka Heritage T-Shirt Y - Medium
Topeka Heritage T-Shirt Y - Large
Topeka Heritage T-Shirt Y - XLarge
Boot Pencil Sharpener
Songs & Tales of the Old Chisholm Trail CD
Plush Horse 7"
Some Kind of Magic CD
Kirk Drager CD
Prairie Glimpses CD
Flint Hills Cards
Sunflower Cards
State Flag Magnet
Kansas History - Vol. 40, No. 2
Kansas Coaster
The Santa Fe Trail: It's History, Legends, and Lore
Dip Mix - Toto's Coming Home (Bacon - Onion)
Sugar Cookie Mix
Kansas State Fair: Images of America
KS Adult Cap
Tyrannosaurus Rex Print
Taste of Kansas (EarlyMem)
Taste of Kansas (EarlyNonMemeber)
Green Tea Soap 4 oz
Naturally Soap 4 oz
Cake Soy Candle 4 oz
Citronella Soy Candle 4 oz
Kansas History - Vol. 09, No. 3
Kansas History - Vol. 19, No. 2
Kansas History - Vol. 26, No. 1
Kansas History - Vol. 26, No. 2
Covered Wagon Pencil Sharpener #2
State Smarts: The Card Game of National Intelligence
Driving Across Kansas: A Guide to I-70 Revised and Updated E
Kansas Fishes
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The Kansas Centennial Edition
The Guide to Kansas Birds and Birding Hot Spots
Prohibition in Kansas: A History
Harvey Houses of Kansas: Historic Hospitality from Topeka to
Handmade Castile Lavender Bath Soap 4.5 oz
Handmade Lavender-Eucalyptus Soap 4.5 oz
Handmade Castile Lavender-Oatmeal Soap 4.5 oz
Handmade Lavender-Sandalwood Soap 4 oz
Handmade Catile Prairie Sage Soap 4.5 oz
Premium Lavender Body Lotion 4 oz
Richter's Headache Relief Stick 0.35 oz
Richter's Soothe Pain Relief Gel 4 oz
Lavender Body Butter 3 oz
Lavender Bath Salts 16 OZ
Earl Grey Lavender Tea
Yun Wu Green & Lavender Tea
Lavender Essential Oil 10 ml
Lavender Sachet Bag: Small 3" x 4"
Haunted Lawrence
Lucky to Live in Kansas
Embroidered Sunflower Stickers of 25 Sheet
Hedgeapple - Small
John Brown 3 x 3
Kansas Brick
Kansas Layer Column 3 x 3
Kansas Votive Gift Box
Kansas Carved Wheat
Prairie Environmental
Kansas Mug 10 oz Bright Green
Kansas Mug 10 oz Dark Green
Kansas Mug 10 oz White
Kansas Mug 10 oz Red
Kansas Mug 10 oz Tan
Kansas Mug 10 oz Blue
Kansas Spoon Rest Red
Kansas Spoon Rest Tan
Kansas Spoon Rest Brown
Kansas Spoon Rest Blue
Kansas Spoon Rest Dark Green
Plain Mug - Half and Half Colors 10 oz Tan
Plain Mug - Half and Half Colors 10 oz Green
Plain Mug - Half and Half Colors 10 oz Brown
Plain Mug - Half and Half Colors 10 oz Red
Wheat Tumbler Blue
Serving Tray - Wheat Blue
Serving Tray - Wheat Red
Wheat Soup Mug Dark Green
First Day Issue Cancellation Kansas Stamp
Wheat Soup Mug Brown
Wheat Spoon Rest White
Wheat Spoon Rest Tan
Wheat Spoon Rest Brown
Wheat Spoon Rest Blue
Wheat Mug 10 oz White
Wheat Mug 10 oz Brown
Kansas Sunflower Mug Blue/Green
Kansas Sunflower Mug Brown
Kansas Sunflower Mug Orange
Kansas Long Petal Sunflower Mug Blue/Green
Kansas Wheat Stalk Mug Red
Kansas Wheat Stalk Mug Orange
Kansas History - Vol. 40, No. 3
Kansas Wheat Stalk Mug Black
Kansas Wheat Stalk Mug Brown/Blue
Kansas Wheat Bundle Mug Black
Kansas Wheat Bundle Mug Orange
Kansas Wheat Bundle Mug Blue/Green
Kansas Long Petal Sunflower Mug Black
Kansas Long Petal Sunflower Mug Brown/Blue
Kansas Sunflower Mug Brown/Blue
Hidden History of Kansas
Ghost Sign: Poems from White Buffalo
Winter Gardenia Soap Bar
Great Wildlife of the Great Plains
Victors in Blue
Expedition of Thirst
I Like Ike: The Presidential Election of 1952
Twenty-Five Years Among the Indians and Buffalo
The Big Red One: Centennial Edition, 1917-2017
Dodge City and the Birth of the Wild West
Inglorious Passages
Kansas Mug 10 oz Purple
Kansas Mug 10 oz White Speckled
Kansas Spoon Rest White Speckled
Kansas Spoon Rest Purple
Plain Mug - Half and Half Colors 10 oz Blue
Plain Mug 10 oz Red
Plain Mug 10 oz Purple
Plain Mug 10 oz White Speckled
Wheat Tumbler Green Speckled
Wheat Tumbler White Speckled
Wheat Tumbler Red
Wheat Tumbler Tan Speckled
Wheat Tumbler Purple
Serving Tray - Wheat Tan Speckled
Serving Tray - Wheat White Speckled
Serving Tray - Wheat Purple
Wheat Mug 10 oz Purple
Wheat Mug 10 oz Tan Speckled
Wheat Spoon Rest White Speckled
Plain Spoon Rest Dark Green
Plain Spoon Rest Blue
Plain Spoon Rest Tan
Plain Spoon Rest White Speckled
Land of Oz 500 Piece Tower Puzzle
Prairie Dog
Stuffed Box Turtle
Kansas History - Vol. 40, No. 4
Great Plains Literature
Dinosaur Print
Greetings (Handmade Paper) Yellow
Repose Print: Unmatted 5x7
Tart Old Lovers Print: Unmatted 5x7
Ad Astra Print: Unmatted 5x7
Justice Print: Unmatted 5x7
Sharing a Book Print: Unmatted 5x7
Into the Wind Print: Unmatted 5x7
American Serengeti: The Last Big Animals of the Great Plains Paperback
Field Guide to the Common Grasses of OK, KS, and NE
Prairie Women: Engaging Women of the Flint Hills DVD
8 Wonders of Kansas Guidebook Penner
My Kansas
Kansas History - Vol. 34, No. 1
Sunflower Cooking Oil 16 OZ
Kansas History - Vol. 34, No. 2
John Brown Silver Necklace St. Silver SC0005
Day Nite Sunflower Pendant St. Silver SC0005
Sunflower Seed Cookie 1 lb Mix
Kansas History - Vol. 28, No. 4
Kid's Kansas
12" Bison
Cowley County Fair magnet Magnet KSHS
Southern Kansas Fair magnet Magnet KSHS
Cawker City Fair magnet Magnet KSHS
Franklin County Fair magnet Magnet KSHS
1895 Kansas State Fair magnet Magnet KSHS
1900 Kansas State Fair magnet Magnet KSHS
Crazy Quilt magnet Magnet KSHS
Dresden Plate Quilt magnet Magnet KSHS
Iris Garland Quilt magnet Magnet KSHS
Friendship Quilt magnet Magnet KSHS
Rail Fence Quilt magnet Magnet KSHS
Garden Quilt magnet Magnet KSHS
State Seal t-shirt Adult Small A- Small Black
State Seal t-shirt Adult Medium A-Medium Black
Train t-shirt Small Adult
Train t-shirt Medium Adult
Train t-shirt Adult Large Large Adult
Train t-shirt X-Large Adult
Train t-shirt 2-X-Large Adult
State Seal t-shirt Adult Large A- Large Black
State Seal t-shirt Adult XL A- X Large Black
State Seal t-shirt Adult 2 XL A- 2X Large Black
Kansas Sunflower t-shirt A- X Large Kiwi
Kansas Sunflower T-shirt A- Large Kiwi
Kansas Sunflower t-shirt A-Medium Kiwi
Kansas Sunflower t-shirt A- Small Kiwi
Kansas Sunflower t-shirt A - Medium Metro Blue
Train youth t-shirt Y - Small Yellow
Train youth t-shirt Y - X Small Yellow
Train youth t-shirt Y- Medium Yellow
Train youth t-shirt Y- Large Yellow
Train youth t-shirt Y - X Small Prairie Dust
Train youth t-shirt Y - Small Prairie Dust
Train youth t-shirt Y - Medium Prairie Dust
Train youth t-shirt Y - XLarge Prairie Dust
Kansas Symbols t-shirt Y - X Small Iris
Kansas Symbols t-shirt Y - Small Iris
Kansas Symbols t-shirt Y - Medium Iris
Kansas Symbols t-shirt Y - Large Iris
Kansas Symbols t-shirt Y - X Large Iris
Multi-Grain Waffle/Pancake 32 oz. Mix
Kansas Symbols t-shirt Y - X Small Helconia
Kansas Symbols t-shirt Y - Small Helconia
Kansas Symbols t-shirt Y - Large Helconia
Southern Kansas Fair Association
Franklin County Ag Society Print
Cawker City Fair Print
Kansas State Fair 1895 Print
Kansas State Fair, Topeka, 1895 Print
Back the Attack Print
Our Good Earth
Beechcraft Bonanza Model 35 Print
Albin Longren's First Airplane Print
Locomotive #100 Print
A.T.& S.F Steam & Diesel Engine Print
Skelly Gas Station at Night Print
Suffragettes, Lawrence, Kansas Print
Sunflower Postcard 1936
Carload of Cucumbers Print
Harvesting Pumpkins Print
Kansas Calling You Print
Kingman County Farm Print
Kansas State Capitol, 1910 Print
Tornado, Hardtner, Kansas, 1929 Print
Official 2011 Kansas Ornament
Train Coffee Mug
Kansas History - Vol. 34, No. 3
Kansas Classic SC0003
Crimson Blaze BBQ Sauce
Stuffed Brown Box Turtle
Food Gift Basket Munchies Small Small
Box Turtle Charm KSHS
American Buffalo Charm KSHS
Salamander Charm KSHS
Honey Bee Charm KSHS
Our Train Charm
Capitol Charm KSHS
Our Plane Charm KSHS
Sunflower Charm KSHS
Meadowlark Charm KSHS
Kansas History - Vol. 34, No. 4
Notable Events in Kansas History
Dept. Ag. Gift Box Small
Blueberry Jam 8 oz
Wild Choke Cherry Jelly 8 oz
Wild Blackberry Jam 8 oz
Red Raspberry Jam 8 oz.
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