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Ad Astra Per Aspera T-Shirt
Latin for, "To the stars through difficulties," our Kansas State Motto was coined by American politician John James Ingalls in 1859. He was a member of the Wyandotte constitutional convention and as a supporter of the anti-slavery movement he worked to make Kansas a free state. When Kansas was admitted to the Union in 1861, he became secretary of the first state Senate and then state senator in 1862. He served as editor of the Atchison newspaper and won a national reputation for the work. He was elected to the US Senate in 1873 and served 18 years supporting labor and agriculture. He always considered Atchison his home and rests at the Mount Vernon Cemetery.

50% polyester, 25% cotton, 25% rayon
Proudly made in Kansas by Kinfolk Created of Basehor, KS!

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