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Midwest Gardener's Handbook
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After you have some basic experience, there's still plenty to learn. Experienced gardeners known this to be true: no matter where in the Midwest you live, gardening success depends on knowing not only how, but when to perform certain tasks. You also know that what you plant is critical; you must avoid the poor choices that are touted as "good" but that are really pest ridden, fussy, invasive, or just not right for our climate. Author Melinda Myers is an expert on gardening in the Midwest, and she gives it to you straight.
Midwest Gardner's Handbook is your complete guide on gardening in the Midwest. Here's what you'll find inside: A monthly to-do list for each plant category; more than 200 featured plants - everything from annuals to trees to vegetables and herbs; the best, latest, and most sophisticated plant choices for Midwest gardens.
256 pages

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