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Immortal Priarie Autographed
Autographed copy.
James Ransom presents readers with poems covering an astonishing diversity of subjects. There are iconic echoes in some of them - Auden, Eliot, and Shakespeare, as well as John Crowe Ransom and Christian Wiman - but comprehending the poems is never dependent on the reader's scholarship.
These poems are plain-spoken and heartfelt. The subjects include obervations of nature - prairie landscapes of Kansas (title poem) as well as the crags and forests of Scotland. You will be taken to an emergency room and surgery; you will also read about the arson of a church, even the demise of a fish. There are lessons from history and ironic observations about poetry itself. A sense of humor is found in unexpected places.
Unlike the tradition of most books of poetry, Ransom includes photos and paintings. He believes that we live immersed in a culture of image and motion, which can be used to add another dimension to some poems. In that sense, this book is an experiment.
61 pages
Hard cover

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