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#13 Twirly Ring - Capitol Copper
This ring is made of three rich green copper disks with a silver band. The historic copper comes from the roof of the Kansas State Capitol. Replaced in 2013, the copper was made available to the Kansas Historical Society and Kansas Historical Foundation for use in products to be sold in the Capitol Store. By Tobias Jewelry Designs of Topeka, Kansas.

2 cm. diameter

Brita McKee, Tobias Jewelry DesignsTobias Jewelry Designs

Britta McKee, owner of Tobias Designs, draws inspiration
from nature, raw materials, and her rambunctious
children. She has lived in Kansas for most of her life;
she graduated from the University of Kansas in 2009.
Britta has been a Capitol copper artist since 2013, using
recycled pieces of copper from the original Capitol roof
to create unique, wearable items.

Tobias Designs was awarded the Kansas City Accessory
Designer of the Year in 2013 and continues to inspire
beauty as her work is currently showcased in
states across the Midwest.


Item #003421