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Kansas History - Vol. 27, No. 1-2
Kansas History: A Journal of the Central Plains Volume 27 Number 1-2: Spring-Summer 2004
Table of Contents:
- Kansas Territory and the Struggle for a "Free" Kansas introduction by Virgil W. Dean and Jonathan Earle
- Historic Ground: The Ongoing Enterprise of Kansas Territorial History by Craig Miner
- The Great Principle of Self-Government: Popular Sovereignty and Bleeding Kansas by Nicole Etcheson
- Lawrence in 1854: Recollections of Joseph Savage edited by Shelley Hickman Clark and James W. Clark
- The Hidden History of Bleeding Kansas: Leavenworth and the Formation of the Free-State Mvement by Rita G. Napier
- The Dispersal of the Topeka Legislature: A Look at Command and Control (C2) During Bleeding Kansas by Tony R. Mullis
- An "Idea of Things in Kansas": John Brown's 1857 New England Speech edited by Karl Gridley
- Pledges and Principles: Buchanan, Walker, and Kansas in 1857 by Pearl T. Ponce
- By the Hand of God: James Montgomery and Redemptive Violence by Brian R. Dirck
- From Brown to Brown: A Century of Struggle for Equality in Kansas by Rusty Monhollon nad Kristen Tegtmeier Oertel

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