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General History Fund - Area of Greatest Need

Please use my donation where it will have the greatest impact.
New Museum Exhibits

Help underwrite the considerable cost of curating new educational and entertaining exhibits by donating to this fund.
Historic Sites

By donating to our Historic Sites Fund, you insure that our 16 sites throughout Kansas continue operation, allowing present and future generations to experience history where it happened.

Each year thousands of Kansas students learn about their unique heritage through our online and in-person education programming and through our education resources for teachers. When you make a gift to this fund you ensure that our history comes alive for the next generation.
Museum Technology Fund

Enhanced information systems that allow virtual exploration of artifacts and historical themes.

From time to time historical items vital to Kansas’ history become available for purchase. Your donation helps ensure that we can acquire these rare artifacts, preserving and sharing them with our six million visitors each year.
State Archives

Your donation to this fund allows us to collect and maintain in a climate-controlled environment, millions of historic documents, photos, maps, books, and government records pertaining to Kansas' history.
Kansas Memory

Help offset the cost of digitizing our thousands of key photos, diaries, maps, and journals, so they can be accessed online anytime. Kansas Memory is the largest digital repository of Kansas history resources in the world!
Artifact Conservation

Saving historical artifacts from the ravages of time and environment requires specialized care. Help us preserve 75 flags from Kansas' involvement in the Civil War ($25,000 average cost) and Carry A. Nation’s white dress ($8,000 cost) by donating to this special fund.

Just like the fictional Indiana Jones, our real archeologists excavate the historic sites of Kansas, uncovering the artifacts and dwellings of those who came before us and sharing that information with the world. Help support this effort by giving to the Archeology fund.