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Wild Choke Cherry Jelly 1.75 oz
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Wild Choke Cherry Jelly

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Made of wild choke cherry, much of the fruit for these unique Kansas products is picked fresh in the wild. The wild choke cherry has a slightly sweet taste that is similar to the cherry. Made as early as the 1300s, jellies became quite popular in Europe. Jelly-making became an elaborate art form. Americans put their own spin on the tradition, by filtering the juice of fruit, using naturally occurring pectin to set, and serving as a spread. These truly unique and wonderful Kansas jams and jelly flavors are inspired by nature and packaged in three different sizes. By the Jelly Lady of Sedgwick, Kansas.

Available in 1.75 ounces, 4.5 ounces, and 8 ounces

Jelly LadyJelly Lady

Judy Gutzmer, of Sedgwick, Kansas, offers exotic jellies, much picked from the wild, made of dandelion, wild sunflower, sandhill plum, and jalapeno mixed with cream cheese. Read more


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